You are here because you or someone you care about is in pain. There’s a lot of that going around of course. We will all deal with some kind of pain, at some time in our lives. Almost always when pain happens to us it is somehow a surprise. We do not expect it; we almost always think of pain as something that always happens to someone else. Not part of our everyday lives. We get comfortable in our routines and are comforted by things being regular.

It can be a good thing then, when we are awakened. The fact is, bad things happening is also a regular part of life. We human beings do a lot to close our eyes to that fact. Who wants to focus on pain and distress? And it is fine, necessary really, to now and again check out from awareness of suffering. We all take breaks from the anxiety and tension that comes up when we face up to pain as a regular fact of life. However, we can spend so much time trying to ignore the facts of pain that it becomes another way of being crippled. We can become trapped in pain by our habits of trying to avoid it.

Most of us are pretty good at avoiding awareness of pain. We tend to leave the skills needed for taking care of pain to the specialists. We rely on health care professionals, and maybe on certain family members, who seem to know more about what to do in bad situations than the rest of us. That specialization might seem to make sense on the surface- leave it to the experts! But that can leave the majority of us feeling more anxious, more threatened, because we have so little practice at the essential skills that we will al need at some point. Because we will all, at some point, have pain.

The most important skill you can all use for the relief of any kind pain is the act of increasing your awareness. You might need to become more aware of information about a health condition so you can help manage it better. You might need to reach out for a deeper awareness of the Divine, of something larger than ourselves, so you can hand off, let go of, that which has become too much to bear. You might need to become more aware of how things you are doing every day are adding to the pain you are in.

You can use the information on this website to increase your awareness of the options available to you for managing chronic pain. You can get your hands on the wheel and your feet on the pedals of the vehicle you will drive to your own best health. The choices you make about health and wellness are some of the most important decisions in your life. You can make good use of medications and surgery that are appropriate for what you are struggling with. And you can use increasing awareness of nutrition, exercise, herbs and nutraceutical supplements and spiritual and psychological practices to optimize your daily life.

You can take it from here.

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